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Bespoke solutions created for your unique visions.

Should you have a custom need for electronic tapware that requires design outside our standard range of products, we can create a bespoke solution for you.


autoflo bespoke electronics taps glowing clear
autoflo bespoke electronics taps glowing green
autoflo bespoke electronics taps glowing red


Different power supplies, form factors and features can be integrated into new designs depending on project or customer requirements.


autoflo quality tapware

When you have a particular vision for a project, large or small, there may not always be an off-the-shelf product which suits what you are trying to create. Customised electronic tapware may enable you to achieve your concept, while retaining the practical benefits of water-saving and hygienic hand washing which have you looking at electronic tapware.

We have industrial design and engineering capabilities which can turn your idea into a finished product. It may be as simple as having a particular effect or colour on an existing product or be as complex as creating a completely new fixture. Whatever the need AutoFlo can design a solution befitting your overall project vision.

Your specialty may be in the area of creating tapware for the bathroom or kitchen. Perhaps you see one of your own products being adapted into an electronic tap or sensor outlet. We can work with you to select or design appropriate electronics, engineer suitable additions or adaptations to your product to turn it into an electronic tap.

As the market grows in this area you may see opportunities for your business in electronic water control. With our track record and years of experience, we can be the partner to help your foray into this area be a successful one.

autoflo quality manufacturing

There are times when something as simple as the colour isn’t quite right. Chrome is the standard in tapware, however it may not be what you want. We can generally take our existing products and give them a different finish, be it matt black, antique copper or any specialty request.

We work with a local plating company to achieve this. Simply ask and we will be able to assist.


autoflo finishes antique copper

Antique Copper

autoflo finishes black chrome

Black Chrome

autoflo finishes black nickel

Black Nickel

autoflo finishes black sapphire

Black Sapphire

autoflo finishes brass


autoflo finishes brushed nickel

Brushed Nickel

autoflo finishes brushed satin chrome

Brushed Satin Chrome

autoflo finishes copper


autoflo finishes jewellery gold

Jewellery Gold

autoflo finishes matt black chrome

Matt Black Chrome

autoflo finishes rose gold

Rose Gold

autoflo finishes satin gold

Satin Gold